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  • Fairtrade Gold And Why We Support It. #choosefairtrade

    Posted on February 25 2017

    Fairtrade Fortnight 2017: Monday 27 February - Sunday 12 March

    With Fairtrade Fortnight coming up we thought it was perfect timing to write a short piece on why we support the Fairtrade Foundation and how fair trade mining can and should be supported.


    Fairtrade Gold Jewellery by Zoraida London

    But first, what is Fairtrade, and what is Fairtrade Fortnight? 

    Well…..The Fairtrade Foundation was set up in 1992 and, put simply, endeavours to provide farming and worker communities with fairer prices for their goods, decent working conditions and fairer terms of trade. The Foundation allows consumers to have a choice at the point of purchase that a product with the Fairtrade logo will guarantee that the producer of the item will receive a required minimum fee for their goods. The Fairtrade stamp also means the producer adheres to certain guidelines while producing their goods. These include workers rights and standards set to reduce their impact on their local environment. The environmental guidelines are very important, especially when mining for gold. 

    What is Fairtrade Fortnight? 

    Well, Fairtrade Fortnight is a promotional campaign set up in 1997 to raise awareness of the Fairtrade Foundation and  the general promotion of ethical trading.  It is a time to support the foundation with the products you choose to buy and spread the word by telling friends, family and suppliers of the good the foundation brings. 

     Fairtrade tweeted an interesting thought this week..

    ‘Did you know that 15,000 cups of tea are drunk every second! Imagine the difference we could make if we all #ChooseFairtrade

    This amazing fact applies to a million products around the world. Imagine the difference it would make if all these producers were getting a fairer price for their goods.

    The exploitation of farmers and workers is rife throughout the world. The saying ‘there is no such thing as cheap food’ is all too often very true. A low price tag on the shelf of a supermarket, often means beating down a producer’s prices to an unethical level.

    For the past 2 years Catherine Zoraida jewellery has been a certified supplier of Fairtrade Gold and Silver. It is something we are very proud of and something we will continue to support in the future. One day we would like to see the Fairtrade standards applied to all gold mining and the best way for us to help this to happen is to offer and promote Fairtrade as an option where ever we can.

    Fairtrade Gold is the worlds first independent ethical certification system for gold. What this means is that the miners involved in producing the metal will have been offered a fair and guaranteed minimum price for their metal.  The miners will have also agreed to mine the gold under the standards set by the foundation.  


     From the Fairtrade website….

     The Fairtrade Mark ensures that gold has been extracted and processed in a fair and responsible manner. This means:

        Miners’ organizations are strengthened 

          Miners form groups to give themselves better bargaining power with

          traders, to get a fairer return for their gold, and gain greater control over the

          jewellery supply chain. They are required to participate in the social

          development of their communities.

        Child labour

        Miners’ organisations must eliminate child labour from their organisation. No one under 15 years old must be contracted to work in the mining organisation. Those under 18 must not work in hazardous or dangerous conditions. 

        Working conditions are improved 

        Fairtrade certification requires mandatory use of protective gear and health and safety training for all miners.

        Freedom of association and collective bargaining is respected

        Miners’ organisations recognise the right of all workers to establish and join trade unions and collectively negotiate their working conditions.

        Responsible use of chemicals is mandatory

    Miners must use safe and responsible practices for management of toxic chemicals, such as mercury and cyanide, in gold recovery. Chemicals have to be reduced to a minimum and where possible eliminated over an agreed time period.

     According to the Foundation 90% of the labour force involved in gold mining is made up of artisanal and small scale miners. Together they produce between 200 – 300 tonnes of gold a year. 70% of this is used to make jewellery.

     The conditions gold miners work under are often hazardous and the tecniques used can often be polluting. Offering a set price for their gold incentivizes the miners to follow the Fairtrade route, allowing them to receive the money they need to support their business and families while also protecting their environment. It is a win win situation.

     Overall, as a producer of gold jewellery there is very little reason not to love what the Fairtrade Foundation have done. Although the cost of Fairtrade Gold is higher it is worth it as we know the good it is doing to the mining communities.

     So as of Monday 27th February keep Faritrade Fortnight in mind and if you see the logo when you are doing your shopping, please support it if you can.

     Catherine currently has two collections online in Fairtrade gold, The Loveheart Collection and Shooting Star Collection and we can also make any piece on our website to order in Fairtrade Gold should you want it create that extra special piece. Check out the collections here.

    Fairtrade Gold Love Clover Pendant by Catherine Zoraida

  • Kate's favourite jewels.

    Posted on January 30 2017

    Over Christmas we were very excited to see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing her Catherine Zoraida Fern Hoop Earrings. HRH was visiting a charity in London called Heads Together. She was accompanied by both Prince William and Harry and was her last formal engagement before Christmas. It is always hugely exciting to see Catherine wearing her CZ pieces and to see how she styles them.

    Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge wears Catherine Zoraida Fern Hoop Earrings and Vanessa Seward Dress

    People often ask which are the pieces that the Duchess of Cambridge wears, so we thought we would write a little piece for the blog on her past pieces and the outfits she wore them with.

    The very first time she wore Zoraida jewellery was when she was on the Queens Diamond Jubilee tour of South East Asia. The Duchess and Prince William had just got married and it was their first major public engagement since their wedding. The dinner was hosted by the King of Malaysia and was the most formal event of the tour. Catherine (as a young designer) who had only recently started her own label said "the following weeks were a whirlwind and things have never really been the same again!"

    That evening Catherine wore the Gold Double Leaf earrings and Spread Your Wings bracelet which she matched with a stunning gold and white Alexander McQueen Dress.

    Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge wears Catherine Zoraida Jewellery Royal Tour Malaysia

    “When she first wore the jewellery it was a complete surprise to me.’ The website crashed and orders were coming in from all over the world. ‘That’s when we knew something big had happened”.

    Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge wears Catherine Zoraida Double Leaf Earrings Royal Tour Malaysia

    Kate wore the same pieces several times during the tour including a rather memorable time where she combined the earrings with a grass skirt while dancing with Will on the Polynesian Island of Tuvulu.

    Since then the Duchess has worn the earrings and bracelet on many other occasions including a pre Christmas lunch with the Queen as well as on Christmas Day when she attended Sandringham Church with the Queen the Royal Family.

    Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge wears Catherine Zoraida Double Leaf Earrings in Tuvulu

    The following year Catherine and Will flew to Australia for their next tour and Kate chose to wear the Double Leaf Earrings again while they visited Uluru

    In 2014 Catherine was spotted wearing our Fern Hoop Earrings. These were part of a new collection and have become very popular ever since.. Quickly becoming another one of her favourites She then chose to wear these again for the Christmas service with the queen at Sandringham Church.

    Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge wears Catherine Zoraida Double Leaf Earrings at Uluru

    Then not long after the fern hoop earrings were paired with a beutuiful dress from Saloni which she wore to the Fostering Excellance awards in London.

    "The effect it has had on our small company is incredibly positive and I am always warmed by the way the Duchess chooses to not only represent small independent brands but to cleverly dress them along side much more well known designer names… never afraid to wear them again and again!"

    "Starting any small business is hard and the publicity she helps attract gives one that boost and recognition which for any designer is invaluable". 

    The Daily Mail wrote a fantastic article us and the jewellery that the Duchess has worn, so please do feel free to read more here,


    Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge wearing Catherine Zoraida Fern Hoop Earrings

    Thank you Kate and we hope you continue to enjoy CZ Jewels! 



  • Catherine's Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide.

    Posted on October 26 2016

    With winter fast approaching and reindeers on the horizon, Catherine gives her top tips on what’s new online and who would like what in their stockings.

    ‘Each Christmas I get last minute worried phone calls from my clients looking for something special for their loved ones. This Christmas I thought I would help ease the stress of Christmas shopping with a short walk through my collection and a few tips on what’s new and what I think certain people might like to find under their tree!' Xx Catherine


    For the ladies, wives and girlfriends

    The Fairtrade Love collection

    What better way of saying I love you than with hearts. This timeless collection of delicate designs are all made with solid 9ct Fairtrade gold or silver. We are very proud to be able to offer this ethical option as it is gold and silver with a difference which contributes to a better future. To find out more about the benefits of Fairtrade gold click here. To see the collection, click here.

     Catherine Zoraida Fairtrade Gold Heart Love Necklace

    The Feather collection

    Our newest addition to the Zoraida collection, our statement feather pendants and earrings, ooze style and elegance. Wear the earrings with your hair down to create a show stopping look. Click here.

    Catherine Zoraida feather pendant moddelled by Rocky Barnes

    Personalised Disc Pendant

    Anything personalised is a huge hit as it always shows you have pre-planned and thought extra carefully to get the perfect present. These pendants are a simple way to say something lovely. They are available in silver, gold or rose gold and can be engraved with an initial or special date. A recent client gave his wife one with the name of their two daughters on each side. A gift that she can treasure forever.

     Catherine Zoraida bespoke initial pendant

    A Zoraida classic

    If it is the first time you have shopped with us then you cant go wrong with one of our classics. Either the double leaf earrings (as worn by the the Duchess of Cambridge), the lychee pendant or perhaps a dragonfly necklace. 

    Catherine Zoraida Dragonfly Necklace modeeled by Rocky Barnes

    And of course….

    Something sparkly. You can't go wrong with diamonds but if you want something equally special but with a little bit more spirit and colour then the Maui rainbow collection would be perfect. A bit of a splurge but they are seriously special pieces. The Maui rainbow is made up of seven different coloured sapphires. A perfectly sparkly piece to give this Christmas that will be sure to make her smile.

     Catherine Zoraida Maui Sapphire Necklace


    Presents for husbands, fathers, brothers, sons and nephews.

    It is often difficult to find presents (other that books, socks and booze) for men (especially Dads) but when you do find something special it is a great feeling and a wonderful touching surprise for the lucky man in question.

    Although, primarily a ladies jewellery designer there are a couple of special pieces we do for men.

    Firstly, Cufflinks.

    Cufflinks are a perfect way to create personalised presents. 

    We make traditional oval plate and chain cufflinks with your initials engraved on one side and an engraving of your choice on the other. Our personalised cufflinks start at £250 in sterling silver but we can also make them in any choice of gold, palladium or platinum. They can also make a wonderful bespoke gift for a godson that they can treasure forever. Click here for more info.

    Alternatively, if you have an idea of something you would love to create we are here to help!

     Catherine Zoraida bespoke cufflinks with dog design

    And secondly, another great present that is new to our website is our solid silver buzzard feather paper weight and letter opener. This is a wonderfully unique gift.

    It was cast from a real buzzard feather that Catherine found while walking in the Cotswolds. It’s not only a beautiful object but wonderfully useful too! For the ultimate personalised gift we can even engrave the feather’s quill with a special message, name or date.

     Catherine Zoraida solid silver feather paper weight and letter opener

    Gifts for Nieces and God Daughters

    Our Zodiac Star sign pendants are the perfect present that suit all ages but I think they can also make a wonderful gift for daughters, nieces or god daughters. Choose from one of our twelve zodiac constellations, each one represents a Zodiac star alignment. All the pendants come in lovely boxes should the piece need to stay safe until the child is at an age for it to be worn. They can also be engraved with a personal message or date and are bound to bring love and luck to someone special.

     Catherine Zoraida Crystal Constellation Zodiac Star Sign Pendant

    For those who have everything…..Jewellery boxes

    For those ladies who have all the jewellery but no where to put it, perhaps its time to get them something lovely to keep it all in. We now have our own range of Zoraida jewellery boxes and travel rolls for when you are on the go. All made of soft leather in beautiful jewel tone colours, they are a wonderful, thoughtful and special gift for grown ups and children alike to keep their treasures in.

    And don’t forget the dog! For the totally pampered pooch we now offer sterling Silver dog tags. Hand engraved to your personal specification. Woof!


    And finally…..

    New packaging and gift wrapping.

    We are very excited that our new packaging has arrived. All items are now shipped in our gorgeous fabric lined, leather boxes and come with individual travel pouches, care cards and look book.

    For a small fee we also now offer gift wrapping in CZ tissue paper, ribbon and one of our lovely new gift bags. What more could one ask for at the bottom of your Christmas tree!

    We hope this helps you a little in your decisions this Christmas and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Catherine and the team

  • Catherine’s top tips for looking after your jewellery.

    Posted on October 17 2016

    Catherine Zoraida Packaging. Jewellery box and travel pouch.


    As with all precious things, your jewellery needs to be cared for and stored properly to keep it looking its best.

     We are often asked by our customers for advice on cleaning and caring for their jewellery so we thought we would write a little piece for our blog on the do’s and don’ts for all your precious pieces. So here we go…


    It is quite common for us to receive worried messages about clients pieces tarnishing. Tarnishing is most commonly caused over time by oxygen but can also be accelerated by certain cosmetics and perfumes which react with the metals. It is easily resolved with a polishing cloth but what we would always advise is to put your jewellery on after any creams or perfumes have been applied. We like to think of jewellery as’ the finishing touch’. If however, that is not possible then just be careful to avoid direct contact when applying your lotions or potions.

     Also, when you take your jewellery off it is always worth giving the piece a little rub with a jewellery cloth before storing it, especially if you don’t plan to wear the item again for a little while. Giving it a quick rub will remove any grease or surface build up and prevent tarnishing in the future, so the next time you take them out of the box they will still look sparkling.

    Catherine Zoraida jewellery cleaning cloth for polishing gold, silver and gems



    Gold is a beautiful metal that does not usually tarnish. However, it is not unknown given the right environment and tempertature. It can also discolour from grease, certain cosmetics and dirt. So it does need to be treated with a little extra care in order to keep it looking its best. If you feel your gold items are not looking their usual sparkling selves then it is best to invest in one of our special polishing cloths which are inexpensive and highly effective at bringing back the shine and preventing discoloration or tarnish.


    After time Silver will naturally tarnish due to oxygen in the air which is why its important to store your unworn jewellery individually in pouches or their original boxes. But it is easily returned to its former glory with either a jewellery polishing cloth or just a soft cloth and some warm soapy water (just be sure to dry it properly afterwards). Silver is also more susceptible to lotions and perfumes so avoid direct contact with these things if you can. To remove heavier tarnished pieces you can add a small drop of water to the edge of the cleaning cloth and rub until the tarnish is all removed.

     Gold Plated Silver

    The gold plate on a piece of jewellery is a layer of gold over solid silver. It is therefore very important to treat your plated jewellery gently and with care. Always store your jewellery in individual pouches or boxes to avoid them tangling and scratching each other. The better you look after it the longer it will look fabulous. The jewellery cleaning cloths also work beautifully on removing fingerprints or tarnished gold plated jewellery and prevents tarnishing too.

    Gems and diamonds

    Precious stones should be treated as delicately as possible. If possible it is good to handle gems and pearls as little as possible as over time contact with your skin can dull their shine. Precious stones should be cleaned with a non-metalic, soft bristled brush with warm soapy water (we like to use washing up liquid and an old toothbrush) and dry afterwards with a soft lint free cloth.

    Top Tip…. To avoid a potentially scary situation always clean your pieces over a bowl rather than over a sink. We would hate for anything special to be lost down the plug hole!


    In general, water is not a huge concern when dealing with jewellery but we would still always recommend taking your jewellery off when having a shower, swimming or on the beach. If your jewellery does get wet just be sure to dry it fully with a cloth before putting it back in storage. Sea water, chlorine and sulpher (in hot springs for example) can all effect your jewellery so be sure to leave them somewhere safe when taking a dip.


    Store your jewellery individually in its fabric lined box or pouch. If possible avoid storing pieces together as they can tangle, rub or scratch each other.

    All Zoraida pieces come in a fabric lined box and are supplied with a travel pouch and care card offering advice on how to store your jewellery. We couldn’t reccomened our jewellery cleaning cloths more to help you care for your jewellery are available on our online store here.

  • Behind the scenes shooting Rocky Barnes in Hawaii

    Posted on July 04 2016

    Rocky Barnes x Catherine Zoraida Lifes a Beach jewellery collection


    Aloha! Earlier this year I was lucky enough to flee the winter to a tropical Island far, far away. In recent years I have become more and more fascinated by Hawaii and it was the inspiration behind the new collection, 'Life's A Beach'. So to be able to shoot the new campaign and get to travel around the islands was a very exciting idea.


    After 18 hours of flying (mostly over the vast snowy landscapes of Iceland and Canada) we touched down in Honolulu. As we stepped off the plane the air hostess welcomed us 'to paradise' as the warm, tropical air hit us.


    We rented a house on the North Shore, just five minutes walk along the beach from Pipeline  the worlds most famous surf break so we could watch the Volcom Pipe Pro (one the biggest surf comps of the year). It did not disappoint! Being an ‘El Nino’ year we saw some of the biggest waves they have had for years and the likes of Kelly Slater and John John Florence tore it up all week long. 


    Volcom Pipe Pro Hawaii North Shore


    After settling in and researching locations to shoot the new collection, we were excited to have a day with the gorgeous model and lifestyle blogger Rocky Barnes . We chose to base the shoot at the Kawela Bay, one of the most secluded beaches on the North Shore, lined with coconut palms, banyan trees and golden sand.


    We shot from dawn until dusk and had a fabulous day working together to create the new campaign. Rocky was divine and I couldn't have dreamt of a better team to help capture the moment. In particular, we wanted to show how to combine the new pieces with previous collections, for example by layering up necklaces to create your own look. Its about having fun with your jewellery and enjoying how it makes you feel.



    One of the things that I loved most about the Hawaiians is how they cherish their homeland. Aloha is a familiar greeting to many of us off the island, but it actually has several meanings. It is both an expression of love and farewell as well as a way of life. As Pali Jae Lee, a Hawaiian writer, explains in her book 'Tales of the Night Rainbow'.


    Aloha is being a part of all, and all being a part of me. When there is pain - it is my pain. When there is joy - it is also mine. I respect all that is as part of the Creator and part of me. I will not wilfully harm anyone or anything. When food is needed I will take only my need and explain why it is being taken. The earth, the sky, the sea are mine to care for, to cherish and to protect. This is Hawaiian - this is Aloha! 


    Hawaii stole my heart and I know I'll be back again soon. I hope you enjoy the new campaign and we look forward to hearing your feedback too!
    Aloha and Mahalo.


    Rocky Barnes x Catherine Zoraida Jewellery Hawaii


    Rocky Barnes x Catherine Zoraida Jewellery Hawaii


    Rocky Barnes x Catherine Zoraida Jewellery Hawaii


    Rocky Barnes x Catherine Zoraida Jewellery Hawaii


    Rocky Barnes x Catherine Zoraida Jewellery Hawaii


    Rocky Barnes x Catherine Zoraida Jewellery Hawaii

    Model - Rocky Barnes

    Jewellery by Catherine Zoraida

    Photography by Oliver Blackwell

    Make-up and Hair by Kecia Littman

  • Can being more connected to your star sign bring you more happiness? Or wearing a ruby ring on Tuesday bring more luck?

    Posted on September 15 2015

    Since ancient times, men and woman have been wearing their astrological signs and birthstones as jewellery for good luck, protection and empowerment.  Jewellery can be meaningful and is so much more fun to wear when it is believed to resonate with our personalties or empower us in some way. Have a look at our Zodiac Pendants for a more inspired gift idea for birthdays, christening presents or bridesmaid gifts.

    Over time, gemstones and our zodiac signs have been used to empower as well as decorate the wearer. In Egypt, and Babylonia, rare and beautiful gemstones were thought to have magical properties. People are said to have consulted astrologers for advice on wearing the appropriate gem or symbol for each occassiom. Ancient Egyptians carried scarabs and tiny figures of their gods for protection and luck.  In India, an amulet designed with precious stones representing the known planets at the time. This very precious talisman is still being worn today. Even our fingers are thought to correspond to different planets. The Venus or third finger is the finger of love, which is why we wear our wedding and engagement ring on that finger.

    Another astrological connection was the wearing of gems associated with a planet on that planets special day. Mars-ruled rubies would be worn on the Mars day, Tuesday, or moonstones on Monday. You could cover the basis by wearing all the gems in your horoscope at once. It can be a wonderful opportunity to create a bespoke piece of jewellery that lets you wear all of your horoscopes special stones in a unique design that you can feel connected with and treasure forever. 

    • Aries (March 21 - April 19) Diamond
    • Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Sapphire
    • Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Rock Crystal or Alexandrite
    • Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Emerald, Ruby, Pearl
    • Leo (July 23 - August 23) Onyx, Peridot
    • Virgo (August 24 - September 22) Carnelian or Blue Sapphire
    • Libra (September 23 - October 23) Peridot, Pink Tourmaline
    • Aquarius (January 22 - February 18) Garnet or Amethyst
    • Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Amethyst
    • Scorpio (October 24 - November 21) Opal
    • Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) Topaz
    • Capricorn (December 22 - January 21) Ruby or Garnet

    Posted on February 01 2015

    We are thrilled to be recently named as 'Queen of Bling' in recent press around the world! To read more of the exciting story click HERE
    With huge thanks to Luisa Metcalfe for Mail Online.

    Posted on December 17 2014

    Lydia chooses our Crystal Constellation Pendants as one of her most enchanting gifts to give this Christmas.  See her guide in full here for great ideas including gifts from Laura Mercier, Burberry and Chanel.


    Posted on July 28 2014

    Thank you everyone who joined us at Port Eliot festival in the Anthropologie tent for our jewellery workshop. Its been an amazing 3 days teaching festival goers how to cast and create one of a kind pendants using the ancient technique of cuttlefish casting.  One of our favourite pieces from the weekend - The Elephant Pendant. A talented jewellery designer in the making!  
    Keep your eyes peeled in September for more casting workshops with Catherine at Anthropologie London in September for Vogue Fashion night out. 

    Posted on December 18 2013

    Kate chooses a very pretty festive ensemble for pre-Christmas lunch with the queen. 

    View the full story here.


    Posted on November 20 2013

    The beautiful English rose Gabrielle Aplin in her latest image released today wearing our Hummingbird Pendant. Her Debut album English Rain is out now and can be listened to here!

    Posted on November 06 2013

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  • OUR LATEST COLLABORATION - 18ct Gold Plated Cameras

    Posted on October 08 2013

    Check out our latest collaboration with GoldBug Cameras. A celebration of 35mm cameras plated in 18ct Yellow gold...super cool! www.goldbuguk.com

    Posted on September 24 2013

    We thought you would enjoy a sneaky peak of the new crystal constallation collection, Catherine Zoraida for Anthropologie launching 4th Oct!! 

    Posted on June 24 2013


    One of Catherine's favourite moments on her wedding day. 'The energy in the air was electric!'.


    Posted on June 24 2013



    Retail Jeweller talk to the head of fashion, home and beauty for the iconic London department store Fortnum & Mason about the newly revamped jewellery room including Britains best designers Catherine Zoraida! Read more here.


    Posted on June 10 2013


    Wow! Feeling very proud to be a nominee for Scottish Jewellery Designer of the year 2013!

    Read more about the exciting event from Vogue.


    Posted on March 21 2013



    We are very excited to be a part of the new Jewellery Room at Fortnum & Masons!!


    Posted on November 08 2012



    Thank you so much Liam for including our Sparkling Diamond and Apple Twig Cuff in this months Vogue Christmas Gift Guide! What a beautiful collection of jewels*


    Posted on November 01 2012


    “A fascinating account of Hatton Garden, a London street – and nexus of myths – integral to Britain’s gem industry”, The Gaurdian

    Featuring Catherine Zoraida and her Hatton Gardens experiences as a Jewellery Designer. Available to buy at Waterstones.


    Posted on September 17 2012


    One of our Catherine's favourite images of Kate from the Royal Tour.


    Posted on September 04 2012

    The dainty golden twigs and leaves in Catherine Zoraida’s new collection make a delicate English autumn statement. www.catherinezoraida.com




    Posted on August 14 2012


    MTV presenter Laura Whitmore wears the Catherine Zoraida Dragonfly Necklace in the promo photos for the new ITV2 show, Beat TV!

    The Irish beauty looks amazing in these new promo shots for the show Move to the Beat campaign for London 2012

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