Klarna Payments FAQ

Visit Klarna.com for their fulls T&Cs including late payment fees.

Try it first, pay it later. Klarna’s vision is to simplify the buying experience with an easy and quick checkout which allows customers to pay for their orders up to 14 days later, interest-free. 

If you choose the Pay After Delivery option at checkout, Klarna will email you an invoice with payment instructions as soon as your order has been shipped. You then have 14 days to settle the payment with Klarna via a card or bank transfer.



Once we've processed your return and sent you a confirmation via email, an updated statement will be sent to you by Klarna if you've made a partial return. With a full return, your statement will automatically be closed and no payment will be due.

If your return is processed after the Klarna payment due date, we kindly advise you to pay the invoice and the amount will be reimbursed immediately as soon as the return has been processed.



Please contact Klarna directly for any payment-related questions or visit their website by clicking here

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