It’s that time of the year again: Black Friday is almost upon us. It has become one of the biggest shopping weekends in the UK in the last few years. But it can also be a wonderful opportunity for businesses and shoppers to come together and raise funds for worthy causes. And this year we’re very excited to be donating 10% of all our Black Friday sales to a charity that does outstanding work.

Last year - with your incredible support - we were able to raise funds for the Marine Conservation Society. So this year we wanted to help Friends of the Earth in the same way.


The natural environment is a constant source of inspiration for our jewellery. But it’s also essential for our wellbeing and survival and that of all the other living beings with whom we share this amazing planet. Yet human activity is continuously putting pressure on our fragile ecosystem. Friends of the Earth seek to reverse and lessen our impact on the environment and need all the help they can get.

So we take real pride in being part of the #goodkarmasale, a growing movement that's putting a more positive spin on the typical Black Friday sale to make a beneficial impact on the world around us. We are one of many small businesses participating in this ethically minded answer to Black Friday, introduced by Kim Krans in 2015.

Gold Dragonfly Pendant | Zoraida London Jewellery

Dragonfly Pendant £152 

And it’s not just small businesses that are rethinking attitudes towards sale season. In 2016, Patagonia pledged to give all of its profits from Black Friday to various good causes. They had predicted a figure of $2 million. They actually made $10 million. That’s a serious gesture from a big company. Imagine how much could be raised for deserving causes if more businesses donated at least some of their profits to charity. This is a model we genuinely believe in.

We are so happy to have been working alongside Friends of the Earth over the past year. Their passion is awe inspiring. They’ve got a number of campaigns running that are close to our hearts. From their efforts to reduce plastic waste - especially in our oceans - to their campaign to help save British Bees, they’re a charity who are doing important work.


So please do come and have a look. Whether you’re buying for someone special as a gift or treating yourself, spread the love and feel good with the big changes we can make when we all work together.

Leo Zodiac Pendant | Catherine Zoraida Jewellery



Zodiac Pendants £117.60


Double Leaf Earring by British jeweller Catherine Zoraida, one of HRH The Duchess of Cambridge's (aka Kate Middleton) favourite pair of earrings.

Double Leaf Earrings £120